Poor Acceleration on CLK430 by Star Diagnosis (SOLVED)

I have a CLK430(2001) just under 120,000 miles, but unfortunately it has poor acceleration. And I have had the car for about 2 months so far. Don't feel much g-force at all when putting my foot down.

Firstly, I have changed the spark plugs, oil, oil filter and air filter. Then I decided to remove the secondary CAT's and mid box.

Secondly, I have changed the MAF sensor and all ignition leads. After all this it improved the performance and I have smooth idle, as before it felt the whole car was shaking.

I have access to DAS with SD C4 multiplexer but am no expert in this field. I have used it to check fault codes but none present. I did the actuation's of turning off the 'A' side and 'B' side of ignition coils and not 100% sure what I'm actually looking for. Some of the cylinders would go from 0.0s2 to 3.0s2 and one or two as high as 4.0s2 labeled as smooth running cylinders.

The back pressure from the exhaust feels fine, EGR valve is moving when using the STAR sd c4 diagnostic machine and the kick down button on the throttle is fine.

I have started to use V-Power/Super Unleaded to see if this makes any difference. I have already used injector cleaner as well with a full tank of petrol.
I do have the proper system on laptop Dell D630 with STAR(bought from www.MBStarTool.com), Xentry and DAS with the 36 pin multiplexer(Note:i bought this 36-pin cable myself. The standard kit from starshop is with 38 pin cable.).
But I have no idea to what should I do next. Having lots of discussion with bros in the forum, I tried many times and get an ideal solution for CLK430 poor acceleration.

I did an adaption reset using the star sd c4 software on the transmission and engine control modules and the engine runs much better now. Can actually do 0-62mph in proper time.
Ps. The sd connect compact 4 and Dell D630 I got:

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