PKW SMART offline programming with Star Xentry

Here is some files and tips on offline programming for PKW/SMART by technician.

vehicles: PKW/SMART
Software: Xentry XP, XDOS(32/64) and Xentry Pass-Thru (32/64)
Release: 2015 until 07-2016.

Device: the updated firmware SD connect c5 or SD connect c4

- i don't password it because it is for educational only.
- do at your own risk
- no support but if i get your valuable feedback, i will try to fix it if i could.
- you can't coine with online capabilities of the latest xdos. better make a batch file to switch between offline and online.
it is simple because it is only one folder..

- copy your original das\trees\pkw\flashen and rename to e.g: flashenOnline
- extract the offline patch to the flashen folder

so you have 2 folders.
1. flashen (with offline capability)
2. flashenOnline which is the original

make one click batch file to change between them when needed.

here it is:

Xentry Offline Programmi…7-2016.rar!r1YlwLKD!J3dIGGOuov0eVIa6BLJiikFb3BXBBzpxnAaDhQZqf04


- for some xdos release, there is no akttab.csv in the PKW sdflash folder

here it is:




offline programming software (safe database) - tested working by the MBStarTool chief engineer:


Special thanks for Satria sharing all above at forum