E260 2012 driving unbraked inspection repair

One customer bought  SD C4 plus DELL D630 from MBStarTool send back to us his feedback about using this device diagnose one E260 2012.


” Hello, today my shop fixed A mileage of about 27,000 km, equipped with 2.0T engine, 7-speed automated manual transmission, the 2012 - E260 sedan. The car owner said : it can not braked .


I first check after receiving brake function, a brake pedal perfect, unable to brake the vehicle. Understood by the relevant maintenance history of the vehicle and found the car in addition to brake discs replaced, no other maintenance records.


I used the  SD Connect C4 Star Diagnostic (DAS) bought from you for the rapid detection of vehicles found stored in the ESP control unit has a fault code 6B2200: not reached the degree of vacuum.


According to the fault code analysis, possible causes are: 1) The brake booster leak; 2) vacuum line leak.


When the engine is running, the vacuum pump through a hose and booster connected to its supply vacuum. The vacuum pump on the disengagement, allowed direct contact with the atmosphere, so that the atmospheric pressure is bound to flow inside the vacuum pump, which issued a sucking sound, but the actual situation is not sound, indicating that the vacuum pump is insufficient or leak.


Then I remove the pump, its obvious that there is an internal drive mechanism gap is too large, after the replacement of damaged pumps, troubleshooting.


That’s all the experience for the SD Connect C4 help customer checking what’s the faulty, just sent to you hope can help you”.