SD Connect Compact 4 with Dell D630 for CLA350 Diagnosis

I need to code a SAM, check to see what modules/computers might be malfunctioning, as well as check an airmatic error I've had a while which is probably related to the sagging strut I replaced that still sags. So I consider buy SD C4 for my CLA 350 (2014).

I bought the kit SD Connect Compact 4 with Dell D630 laptop from a web specialized for vehicles (found it on forum). It cost $689, a little expensive I think but it is matched with my CLA350. 5-day delivery!

Because I bought the standard bundle, the software had been installed before they sent the bundle that I can diagnose my CLA 350 immediately I got it. Plug and play! Good! Without any installation or activation problem like people said on the form. New SD C4 with the latest version XENTRY/ DAS 2015.7 is a powerful diagnostic multiplexer. I enjoy it very much. The biggest advantage is that it is with a wide range of functions. Expect coding a SAM, checking an airmatic error and other malfunction what I needed before, sd c4 excels in diagnosing CAN BUS for CLA 350 with WIFI and it adopts military quick swap technology so that it can support 10,000 times pull plug & more stable.
Convenient for wifi function and pre-installation.
Professional for lots of function and military quick swap technology.
These two biggest features I think.  A little expensive but worth every penny.
Post here for all bros.