SD Connect Compact 4 Cables Details

Here is a brief introduction of SD C4 cables, which helps you to use sd connect c4.

SD C4 package:
 SD Connect Compact 4 star diagnostic + Dell D630
As you can see, the package includes:
1pc x sd c4 Multiplexer
1set x Second Hand Dell D630 Laptop
1pc x Hard Disk (320G New)
Some cables

Next, starshop will offers some pics about these cable with detailed information, including length, quality, pin, function, material, etc.
38PIN Cable
Lan Cable
-SD-Connect Compact 4 Cable

OBDII 16Pin Cable
14PIN Cable
8PIN Cable
 SD Connect Compact 4 Cable

So how to use the cables above to connect sdconnect c4 diagnostic multiplexer with vehicle and laptop?

Wire connection:
 SD Connection Compact 4 Connection Guide

Wireless connection:
 SD Connection Compact 4 Wireless Connection

Where to get cables if one of yours is broken or lost?
Link to buy cables for Star diagnostic tool:

sd c4 cables offered:
OBD2 16pin Cable

Lan Cable

OBD2 16 Pin Connector for STAR C4

C3 cables offered:
OBD2 16 PIN Cable

RS232 to RS485 Cable

Note: RS232 to RS485 Cable is the best one in the market, for it is with golden box
 Star C3 RS232 RS485 Cable PCB with Golden Box  Star C3 RS232 RS485 Cable PCB with Golden Box