How to Use Star Diagnosis for Excellent Maintenance

cars and trucks. Generally speaking, Star Diagnosis has several or all of the following features:
① read fault codes;
② clear fault codes;
③ read dynamic data flow engine;
④ oscilloscope function;
⑤ element actuation test;
⑥ matching, and other settings and encoding functions;
⑦ calculator and other auxiliary functions.
Some Star multiplexer come with diagnostic manuals, so it is easy for users to follow the instructions to operate. In general the following steps is necessary for maintenance:
① find diagnostic seat in the vehicle;
② use the appropriate diagnostic interface;
③ according to model, enter the appropriate diagnostic systems;
④ read fault codes;
⑤ see the data stream;
⑥ clear fault code maintenance after diagnosis.
Although methods of using star diagnostic system is relatively simple, but to give full play to the functions of the instrument and quickly identify failures, maintenance personnel should pay attention to the following instructions to do something when using Star Diagnosis. 
1. Coine the fault content and symptom to analysis for quickly determining the cause of failures
Use fault code query function of the diagnostic tool for scanning the electronic control system in the vehicle. In most cases, the fault records are not the cause of failures. But the content of the fault record provides us for determining the scope of the fault. If we coine the records with the failure phenomenon and other laboratory examinations, we can quickly troubleshoot problems.
2. According to the storage contents of multiple failures, analyze and discover their common causes
In most cases, when we reading DTCs function for troubleshooting, we will bring up a plurality of the fault records. Sometimes the contents of these failures are not isolated and often caused by a hidden fault, or have certain causal relationship. If we analysis the fault stored content in this way and with other detection methods and maintenance experience, we can quickly determine the fault on cars by star diagnostic tool.
3. Make full use of the data stream query function
By querying the data stream, we can learn data about related sensors and actuators of the control unit and switch status information. The data will have a specific numerical display. So to make full use of these data will help determine the correct analysis and failure.
4. Emphasise on the meaning of the status information data
Data the control unit by star dianostic system can be read in a variety of ways, and the unit is probably not the same. 
In addition to these four use essentials, there are many functions of star diagnostic tool can be brought in to play in the detection and maintenance, to maximize the application. The key I wan to share with fresh maintanance personnel is to make rich systematic theoretical knowledge closely related to maintenance practice, so that the information provided for the user can be fully utilized.