How to run Xentry DAS on Toshiba laptops

This is a user solution of getting Xentry DAS 2012 to work on the Toshiba laptop. This guide is copied here just for the educational purpose.

Step B. “Play Das Xentry 2012

1. I prefer and suggest to use Power Iso, Adobe Reader 7, Easeus Partition Master,
Easeus Todo backup, Winrar.
2. Make new 1 user STAR as usual. Reboot, and configure everything for Star user.
Disable CD/dvd-rW Drive first in Device Manager.
3. Make 4 partition as always (minimum requirement space, you can use largest space)
C: Star = 20 Gb min / the Rest
D: Recover = 7 Gb
E: Wis = 40 Gb (use for Wis and EPC database)
F: Das = 30 Gb
it is obviously that u must use 120 Gb Hdd minimum for full installation
(Das Xentry, Wis , Epc, SD Media).
4. connect ur treasure HDD contains Das X 09.2012 image .Iso and
copy it to C drive for faster loading/installation to a new Folder.
e.g. DasX072012 (Dvd 1) + DasX092012 (Dvd 2)
just leave it as .iso file.
5. Make a new folder in C: (e.g. c:> DasKEy
copy all the neccessaries key*ns like Xentry Dev key, Das safe dev,
wis sandalone and Epc Net.
6. Configure ur Power iso, Automount, autostart, use 2 virtual drive.
7. Find and Download NewGuide2i from Mr Zoo.
(will give the link but it against the AP rules no #9)
you can find it anywhere with uncle Gouogles Search engine
8. Copy VBoxService.exe file to Startup folder
9. Run the Patch for hotfix first. wait for a while after confirm it,
restart windows.
10. Run Prepare.bat from new guide 2i
11. Reboot.
Run control userpasswords2, choose Star, apllied without type any passwords in.
Reboot again to double check everything going allright.
12. Run/double click file VBoxservice in startup folder.
13. Open Starutil, put in all DAS, WIS, Xentry KEY with appid 252?
(C4 in registry)
Dont forget to place (ticked) Expired Date, e.g. Xentry 01-09-2012 to 30-12-2015 (Dd-Mm-Yy)
14. Change in Registry C4 to C2.
Apply the key again in Starutil for Appid 250
this is for complement .
Don’t Forget to change back to C4 !!
15. Reboot for final stage.
Step C. “Final install DAS 09_2012.
1. Mount the DVD 0712 in drive G: and 0912 in drive H:
2. Start with Dvd 07 and RUN SDswitch !!
3. Follow the screen commands, a few seconds later you will be prompt to Put in your
Xentry key for Appid 253 !
4. then generate a new Xentry key, use AppId 253 only.
Press SAVE. and you are Done !.
5. Continue the installation untill finish install including Xentry
Run After Installation bat”
No hassle and No more Pain in the as*.
Average 180-240 minutes time.
Notw: The VboxService program when in your starup folder will change the AppID to 253 after the first part of the installation starts.. then you just put a new Xentry key in for AppID 253 and the installation should complete on its own with no other things needed expect chaging out the DVD’s… if you are still having issues, I recommend redownloading the DVD’s from a different source.. there are some bad downloads out there..
Step D. “Alteration Tweak”
1. After Reboot, make some proper fixed in HHTwin.ini (C:> Windows)
You can use Patrian’s Bin Fixed Folder, ready for you to cooked.
2. F:Programme/Das/Bin folder
Cal.ini => use C3= D2, C4=T2
3. change Xentry Blacklist Cal.sli in llist folder.
4. copy some missing images in xentry kontexte folder
5. Unmount any Das Dvd from Power iso virtual drive.
6. Reboot and Try your Xentry Simulation First Time Lady.
Enjoy diagnosis and programming with DAS/Xentry.











(BIG THANKS to nextbuy07)