How to remove hard disk for Xentry Connect C5

It's aimed to help remove the hard disk from the original Xentry Connect C5 (SD connect C5) Star diagnostic tool.


you need:

SD C5 Connect

a tweezers
a screwdriver


Here goes the key- remove the hard disk within STAR C5 step by step.

remove the  protective layer


use the screwdriver to to take off the screws

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(2) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(3) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(4)

take off the cover and the card

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(5) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(6)

turn to the other side and take off the screws and the cover

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(8) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(9) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(10)

this is the Xentry Connect hard disk

you cannot remove it now

turn to the other side

use the tweezers to take off the side cover gently (pay attention to cables connected)

SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(12) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(13) SD-connect-c5-remove-hard-risk-(14)

back to the side with the hard disk

now, you can remove it

remove the hard disk from sd connect c5 - SUCCESS!