How to activate DAS FDOK encrypted random No.keygen?

We have a customer asking how to activate the  DAS FDOK encrypted random No.keygen. Problem goes like this:


I need to get the Sprinter key coded cause I have changed the WSP. I was suggested ordering the FDOK keygen. With this dealer level tool I can calculate FDOK encrypted random numbers for programming protected parameters in DAS. But what’s the user name and password of the FDOK? How to activate the FDOK?

starshop technician reply:
No activation required. Our FDOK No.keygen comes with USB Key. You first insert the USB key and then run software. Follow the system to enter information required and directly calculate encrypted number.

This item can only be used on one laptop, you can not use it on different laptops at the same time.

DAS FDOK Supported calculation types:

• XT (changing of NOx Torque Limit)
• XN (erasing emissions-relevant fault codes in accusations of SCR exhaust aftertreatment system)

DAS FDOK ENCRYPTED RANDOM No. Keygen for - some pictures attached: