Guide: B-class W245 EZS programmer and OBD Abritus cottages

OBD Abritus cottages. Ezs programmer, What is the procedure for what to do first?
do dash and ezs manually and job done.
or you can do only dash by obd with breaking of the com between IC and EZS.
I have done all manually with xprog.
its similar as w169
Be aware: 
Take a look in Ezs with Star or any Diag tool.
ezs only show 1.7xxxxxxkm if you change mileage in ezs.
if you do only dash Original mileage stay in ezs
device only break sync between dash and ezs
Question two: 
Real mileage is not shown in Ezs. Perhaps a new Ezs ( or Virgin dump)...solve problem...???
I post my dump here: 
EZS w245
Real mileage is about 165k km 
Working solution advised:
Write EIS dump i post, disconnect ELV , write correct value in dashboard, connect EIS and dashboard , activate the keys ( by insert them ) connect ELV, done.
With this solution EZS will has the same value as in dash, is not a trick I have renew the EIS , it's "virgin" mode , that's mean no KM values no VIN (VIN can be written with DAS as well )
I made this procedure more than 50 times till now. Every time working great
Finally solved With the advised solution:
All is working like a charm. real mileage is shown in Ezs. 
Every key was inserted 15 seconds, then they are automatically recognized, as you said mileage is Ok, and VIN is can be written with STAR DAS.
Today I have learnt that nothing is impossible. It is just to find correct answer !!! I got the answer from an experienced technician, and writing Ezs in Virgin mode is the solution.
BTW, I praise him genius, he said modestly he is not genius, i just have expensive tools ...
name of the tool he has: MI , Necpro, DS and many other.