Erase W204 EIS History KM via Vediamo

Here is my experience of clearing W204 EIS history mileage using AVDI or Vediamo V5.00.05  software.


At the beginning, i made some tests with 204 EIS, i renew it and now actual km stand is 0 km; but with tester, AVDI or Vediamo result is like this :
20:55:29 Service EIS_204: DT_Km_Info_Aktueller_Km_Stand. Result: 0 km
20:55:31 Service EIS_204: DT_Km_Info_Letzter_Km_Stand. Result: 77050 km
20:55:38 Service EIS_204: DT_Km_Info_Vorletzter_Km_Stand. Result: 76538 km


So i wanna erase the 2 results.


Tried to learn dash to EIS, but failed!
dash and sam are from scrap yard from one car, and EIS is from another car.
I try to adapt used dash to EIS with FVDI but failed to syncrhonize…
in this moment vin in eis is yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


i always trying to make all 0 km
seems not to work,


Started a topic in the forum, and got “The easiest way to adapt an used Dash is to make the KM reading 0 in the dash and then adapt it in the car either with DAS or Vediamo or AVDI.”


Then i made dash 1000 km,

then first value (last mileage value) has changed in EIS,

then i made 2500 km in dash,

and second value has changed to 0 km
now i have current value 2496 km
Last mileage value 992 km
and Second last value 0 km
experiment done successfully!