DIY repair dead Star SD Connect C4 multiplexer

Let’s repair the Star diagnosis sd connect c4 mux from dead to work. Do and follow the instruction here.



This instruction is quoted from a youtube video.

You may be risky to try it, but starshop will be not responsible for what you do.



Die SDCONNRCT ist komplett “TOT” – sie hat keine

Reaktion auf Spannung auch Display ohne Reaktion!


The SDconnect is DIED, no any reaction of power or in display is FULL DEFECTIVE!

(EN: The SDCONNRCT is completely “TOT” – it has no

Response to stress also display no reaction!


The SD Connect c4 is DIED, no any reaction of power or in display is FULL DEFECTIVE!)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-1

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-3

Wieder das selbe keine Reaktion, DEFEKT?

Ja Absolut aber reparierfahig…

Same as before, full died SD connect but maybe we can repair…

(EN: Again the same no reaction, DEFECT?

Yes absolute but reparierfahig …

Same as before, SD connect is fully died but maybe it can be repaired …)


This is the relayboard of the sdconnect and the display module there

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-4


Das hier ist die core unit auch wlan modul (von uns) genannt…

This the core unite module or wlan modul we renamed to (WLan Modul) of the sdconnect

(EN:This is the core unit also wireless module called (by us) …

This the core unite modules or wireless module we renamed to (WLAN module) of the sdconnect)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-5


Wir demoniteren das (Wlan Board)

Um mehr ubersicht su bekommen..

We remove the wlan board to inspect better the unit…

(EN: We demoniteren the (Wifi Board)

To learn more about visual su get ..

We remove the wireless board to inspect the better unit …)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-6


Hm, wir chechen mad den first flash auf den relayboard, dazy nehmen wir unseren programmer und programmieren den original flash inhalt…

We chech the first flash on relayboard, here wie connect our programmer and insert our

(EN: Hm, we check mad the first flash on the relay board, dazy we take our programmer and program the original flash content …

We check the first flash on relay board, here as connect our programmer and insert our)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-7



repair-dead SD-connect-c4-8

Hier sehen sie einen unserer programmer verhunden uber laborstecker mit dem sdconnect relayboard…

Hier you can see on of our equipment a programmer with onlineprogramming connected with the sd connect relayboard…

(EN: Here you can see one of our programmer verhunden via laboratory plugs with sdconnect relay board …

Here you can see on of our equipment a programmer with online programming connected with the sd connect relay board …)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-9

Verbinden die nun die richtigen pins mit dem programmer und fragen sie uns nicht danach,

Nochwas machen sie es falsch dan ist ihr programmer und sdconnect fur immer und diesmal garantiert defekt…

(EN: Connect now the right pins to the programmer and ask us not then,

Another thing they do it wrong dan you is programmer and sdconnect forever and this time guarantees defective …)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-10

Wenn alles richtig gemacht ist programmieren wir den ersten flash in die mcu…

If is all right the pins of the programmer connected do we programming the fist flash in mcu1 of sdconnect…

(EN: If everything is done correctly, we program the first flash in the mcu …

If is all right the pins of the programmer connected do we programming the flash fist in MCU1 of sdconnect …)


Run PG4UW v2.67 system to load file and program the device

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-11

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-12


repair-dead SD-connect-c4-13

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-14

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-15

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-16

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-17


Zusammenbauen der sdconnect mit dem wlan board (core unit)

Connect the wlan board from sdconnect with the relayboard what we programmed…

(EN: Asseling the sdconnect with the wireless board (core unit)

Connect the wireless board from  SD C4 mux with the relay board what we programmed …

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-18

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-19

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-20


repair-dead SD-connect-c4-21

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-22


Funktioniert wieder  und ist repariert!

Sdconnect working and booting

(EN: SD connect C4 works again and is repaired!

Sdconnect working and booting)

repair-dead SD-connect-c4-2

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