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2015.12 SD Connect C4 DAS Bus Fix File Free Download NEW

This is the - DAS bus fix file for 2015.12 SD Connect C4, which can solve license problem - “the license is wrong”

SDconnect C4 DAS Fault (1.2)-2.503.9901: Solved & Worked again

Phingoc in trouble:
The laptop is a Dell D630 with a china SDconnect C4.
Xentry 03/2012
DAS 03/2012

How to use sd c4 to Enable tank info & L/100KM into KM/L NEW

Here is a tutorial of how to do it: use SD connect C4 mux to enable tank info & L/100KM into KM/L W211 (W203) (w221) and more

How to solve SDconnect Toolkit NOT Works, Start with an Error NEW

Here are customer solutions of what to do if SDconnect Toolkit COM-Server has stopped functioning.
Total 288 items, 20 items/p, current page 6/15.