$689 2015.05V SD Connect Compact 4 Plus Dell D630 Review

About one month ago, I got 2015.05V SD Connect Compact 4 Star diagnosis with Dell D630 laptop from tarshop and has been playing withi it recently. It is a really wonderful coination, I think. It brings a lot of convenience for me. I have to say I enjoy SD CONNECT C4 with D630 laptop so much. So I would like to do a quick review on this package offer and hope it could anyone.
Ordering and payment: I ordered an actual Dell D630 with original HDD and SD C4 2015.05V unit (the newest version) from www.MBStarTool.com for $689, US$137.00   Express shipping for 4-day delivery. (I thought it was a bit expensive at first, but when I got the package and used it I found it was worth the price.)
Customer service: The sales girl of starshop is very good at answering questions and would respond to my inquiry on the device quickly and patiently by email. She told me that they have their own factory in China and the technicians would come to help if my SD Connect Compact 4 diagnostic multiplexer and Dell D630 did not work well.
Delivery: The equipment was shipped within 24 hours after I ordered it and brought it to me in 4 days. And they promised that I could return for refund this product within 30 days if I don't want it.
Package: The equipment was well packaged. Every item of this unit was in good shaped without any scratch. You can see all the items of the package as below:
Installation: I do not need install any software because this package offer includes Dell 630 in which the software was preinstalled before delivery. When I get the SD C4, I directly use it. No need to activation. Very convenient!
And the staff are very nice. They tell me more information about how to use SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Tool. And I'd like to share it wih you. 
Step1: sd connect4 internet protocol properties ip address
Step2: sd connect4 configuration change
Step 3: sd connect4 mux register configure setting
Step 4: select the name for sdconnect
Step 5: sd connect4 wlan parameter road setting
Step 6: sdconnect tool kit device configuration
Ps. I do not have any relationship with starshop nor will get some profit from this review. This is my personal experience.