2015.12V 2016.3V Xentry not start and timeout error

This is the little fix for Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 Xentry 12.2015 or 03.2016 timeout error and not starting issues, which will automatically adjusts the pc date, launches the program, then 40 seconds later returns the correct date.


System ok:

Both Windows XP and Windows 7 O/S

Too much to modify, the date is checked more than once during start up. Xentry 12/2015 and 03/2016 have a date lock on them to prevent them opening after 09/09/2016.
Fix to overcome the Xentry timeout error as of 12/15:

1- Free download XentryTimeout.rar and unzip:


(This fix automatically sets the date back, launches the program, then returns the correct date so the program can be run correctly. It also has a check to prevent it launching twice (which will trap the date at and incorrect setting) . It will also run just fine with the xp star shell in place.)

2- Copy start_Xentry.exe to the Xentry bin folder

3- Overwrite or rename the existing file


Note 1: this is version3, remodded to overcome asam3 error and add Xentry sim functionality


Note 2: in the windows control panel make sure short date format in "region and language" is set to dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy

Because this fix changes the system date automatically, Windows defender or other security programs may mistake it for a virus. Do not worry, it is perfectly benign, and will not harm your PC. Just add it to the exceptions list in your antivirus program.