2009 Benz E350 Gas tank mod reset cluster using Das Xentry sdconnect c4

Purpose:do Gas tank mod reset cluster on my 2009 E350.

Tool option:MB SD Connect C4 with dell 6410 laptop(

Has ssd, 4gb mem, so it should be quicker than a dell630.



Here we go:

Found out how to reset cluster: See below part,  it's towards the end of the post.

Gas Tank Mod (Gallons) ***Need Developer Mode***

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-01Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-011Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-03Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-04Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-05Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-06Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-07Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-08

After you hit F3 it will carry on the coding process (hit “F1” to go back)

so we can reset the ECU so coding can take effect.

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-09Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-010Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-11

Gas Tank Mod_Reset Cluster-12



So far I'm loving STAR. I am going to code the car this weekend for Bi-Xenons and then code the card to accept the OEM front LED city lights. I'm doing a e55 bi-xenon retro fit to replace the stock crappy h7 halogen e55 projectors.