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V3/ 2021 MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis with 256GB Xentry Openshell XDOS SSD Plus DELL D630 Laptop 4GB Memory

V3/ 2021 MB SD Connect C4 Star Diagnosis with 256GB Xentry Openshell XDOS SSD Plus DELL D630 Laptop 4GB Memory

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We supply Package offer V3/ 2021 MB SD Connect C4 Xentry Openshell XDOS with DELL D630 laptop 4GB Memory, bring convenience for customer who don't have a DELL D630 laptop or don't know how to install software.
You can directly use this set when you receive the package.
This package offer come with SSD, 256GB, running Speed is much faster than normal HDD.

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by Mr.Daniel Bakica on Jul 5, 2016
I surch for a C4 to connect to my engine control unit. I orderd some C4 from Hong Kong, but it is not possible to connect to the engine control unit. Can I connect with your C4 with my engine control unit?
greet Daniel
Replied by Jolly on Jul 5, 2016
Yes, our SD Connect C4 will access to engine control unit. But you can not directly connect laptop with car, you should activate the DAS Xentry software first, wait the good communication built between laptop and software, then connect your device with vehicle.
Any questions free to contact.
Best Regards.

by Mr.minicajee on May 5, 2016
Instead of trying to piece it together to save a few bucks it's much better to buy a whole package that is up and running and includes the computer with the software on it already so it's working from the start.

Numerous people have never got it to install it work correctly , or have spent 10-30 hours tryjng to make it all work . Unless you value your time at less than $20/hour it's better to buy the complete working package

by Muhammad Tahir on Apr 9, 2016
Sir I need it's but I am not sure about the product quality usually we use it for diagnose to solve the problems of our customers trucks
But if effect by using it what we do
Bets regards
WhatsApp 00966565231064
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