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V2012.11 MB C4 Software HDD with Offline Programming DELL D630 Format

V2012.11 MB C4 Software HDD with Offline Programming DELL D630 Format

  • Item No. SS95-D
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V2012.11 MB C4 Software HDD with Offline Programming
Support multi-languages and offline programming.
It is compatible with the Dell D630 laptop only.

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by George on Jul 30, 2019
I want it to be sent by DHL
Replied by spencer on Aug 16, 2019
Dear George,
Good day!
This item is free shipping by post.
If you want it to be sent by DHL, please compensate 20USD to our company's PayPal account
Best regards,
by Mr.Kurt Straka on Sep 27, 2018
works this HDD in a IBM ThinkPad T43 with build in RS232 and a Star C3 Pro Multiplexer for programming smart car 1999 to 2010?
by Mr.Tobias Braatz on May 29, 2018
Hi, work this software under Win7 on Toshiba Laptop with the ext.HDD?

Replied by spencer on May 29, 2018
Hello Tobias,
Good day!
This software comes with operation system which is XP system
External HDD could work with Toshiba Laptop
Please kindly note that external HDD works quite slow
Best regards,
by viktor on Jan 16, 2018
can this version remove nox with mb actros mp3? i have c4
by Mr.Marco on Jan 9, 2018
I would like to do an ecu programming on my smart roadster.
Possible with this version and / or what is needed to perform?
Thank you
Replied by spencer on Jan 10, 2018
Hello Marco,
Could you tell me the year of your car?
Best regards,
by Mr.nikola.kubaska on Oct 28, 2017
Hi , i have mb star sd c4 with 2017.07 software , when i buy from you hdd software 2012 with offline coding, and put hdd in my second dell d630 , can i use my sd c4 on both laptops with diferent softwares , when i use use my c4 on first laptop with 2017 software , and i when need to do programming just turn on second laptop with your 2012 software and use it without configuring my sd c4 all time ... thank you
Replied by spencer on Oct 30, 2017
Dear Nikola,
Yes, you can use one multipelxer for two different softwares.
You don't need to configure them as long as two laptop's IP addess is the same.
Best regards,
by Mr.Sebastian Barrientos on Jun 24, 2017
Como se realiza la activación del producto, ya que me interesa un HDD para un portátil Dell D630, una vez que ustedes lo envíen HDD
Replied by spencer on Jun 29, 2017
Estimado señor Sebastian,
Lo siento, no entiendo muy bien lo que quieres decir.
by Mr.Boisselier on Mar 10, 2017
is the V2012.11 MB SD C4/ MB STAR C3 Software HDD with Offline Programming DELL D630/External/T30 Format is compatible with the MB Star compact C4, and Windows XP.
Thanks you, Marc.
Replied by spencer on Mar 24, 2017
Dear friend,
Sorry for the late reply
I am not work at Saturday and Sunday
Yes, it is compatible.
Please choose the item number SS95-D
If you want to do offline programming, please purchase SS12 too
It's for offline programming function activation
Best regards,
by Deric on Feb 18, 2017
could you give me some discount,i want to buy several software
Replied by spencer on Feb 19, 2017
Dear friend,
Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you for your enquiry
Have send it to you via Email.
Best regards,
by Kaiden on Feb 18, 2017
got the item
could you activate it for me
thank you in advance
Replied by spencer on Feb 19, 2017
Dear friend,
Sorry for the late reply.
Could you tell me your order number?
Best regards,
by mbAlan on Jan 11, 2017
If I purchase C5 with D630 kit (PP08) with this hard drive also work with it for offline programming of pre 2010 vehicles? Or do I have to purchase a C3 also? Thank you
Replied by spencer on Jan 11, 2017
Dear friend,
MB factory had shut down access of new software's access to do offline programming. Only software version older than V2014 support offline programming, but all of them require offline function activation.
If you want to do offline programming, it's better to use V2012.11 software.
SD C4 or C5 support some cars pre 2010, if cars pre 2000, you need to use C3 and software with XP system.
Best regards,
by Jayce on Jan 6, 2017
Please quote me the price for the Vediamo 5.00.05 software off-line version
for MB SD connect C4.
Replied by spencer on Jan 6, 2017
Dear friend,
Good day.
Thank you for your enquiry.
Have sent you an email of it.Please check your mail box
Any questions in future, pls feel free to contact us,
Best regards,
by Mr.Farfan on Nov 30, 2016
Please help me with
mercedes 2016 07


LAND ID:0019D261DD6E
Replied by spencer on Nov 30, 2016
Dear friend,
Your order number please
We don't provide free software activation service if you didn't purchase the software from us.
Best regards,
by Mr.Seba on Nov 24, 2016
is it possible to flash OFFLINE telematics update for comand ntg4.5 with this 2012 version?
Replied by spencer on Nov 25, 2016
Dear friend,
Sorry, it cannot.
Best regards,
by Mr.Alfsen on Oct 26, 2016
Is this software "developer"?
Replied by spencer on Oct 26, 2016
Dear friend,
No, it's not.
For developer software, you can check the following link
Best regards,
by Mr.Giovanni on Oct 14, 2016
hello, i wanna but a sd c4 external hdd, can it be used on win7 64bit easily?pls reply
Replied by spencer on Oct 14, 2016
Dear friend,
Good day!
Yes, it can.
I will send you an video, it will show you how to install.
Any further questions,pls feel free to contact us,
Best regars,
by Mr.steve leto on Sep 22, 2016
i have star c4 2015 on dell 630
do i need something else than this to do offline programming
can i do scn codings on vehicules up to 2012
best regards
Replied by Jolly on Sep 22, 2016
Offline programming has been switched off on DAS beginning from MB year 2010. So it will not do offline programming for vehicle update to 2012.
DAS Xentry from 2014.7 to 2015.5 neither access to offline coding nor online coding.
This package (with V2012.11) comes with offline programming database. It can be done on MB pre-2010 without other program.
Best regards.
by Mr.jamie edwards on Jul 8, 2016
Hi will this do offline programming on Vans ..
Replied by Jolly on Jul 11, 2016
Yes, this will do offline programming on Cars, trucks, Vans,Buses pre-2010.
Best regards.
by Mr.Jari Urpola on Apr 8, 2016
Hi, does this work in dell d620 allso ?
by mat beyonge on Mar 21, 2016
Hi ,

i have xentry v2015.12 installed yet on my d630.

can i also instal v2012.11 easy on the same laptop?

does it work with c4 sd wireless?

Replied by Jolly on Mar 21, 2016
Dear friend, 
You need to take the V2015.12 hdd out if you want to insert the V2012.11. 
SD C4 support wireless. 
Have any questions, free to text us.
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