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New MB SD C5 DOIP-C5 Star Diagnostic with 2021.6 Software SSD Pre-installed on Second Hand Panasonic CF19 Laptop

New MB SD C5 DOIP-C5 Star Diagnostic with 2021.6 Software SSD Pre-installed on Second Hand Panasonic CF19 Laptop

  • Item No. PP20

Full set of new MB SD C5 Doip Hardware, with 2021.6 Version Software SSD Pre-installed on Panasonic CF19 Laptop, avoids setting problem when using MB SD Connect C5 star diagnosis.
Software pre-installed before shipment, ready to use directly.
More economical than purchase separately.

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by Michel Heuperman on Feb 18, 2021
I was curious if you could tell me which diagnostic tools that you have that will work for us. We have several customer that have Dodge and Freightliner Sprinter Vans (varying in year models). We have the Texa Diagnostic tool that seems to work very well on all other on/off road vehicles and equipment, but doesn’t seem to work well on the Sprinter Vans. I will need to atleast have a tool that can reset the “No Start Timer/Countdown”. We would like to not have to spend a fortune, but we would also like a tool that works well. Thanks.
Replied by spencer on Mar 1, 2021
Dear Michel,
Sorry, we don't have a tool that can reset the “No Start Timer/Countdown”.
What's APP:+86 18750906153
by BVBA on Jan 17, 2021
How do I turn on teamviewer? I open the program and it won't let me enter an ID or a password. It also says please check your connection and says I'm not connected to the teamviewer server. I am connect to the internet but I don't know what to do.
Replied by spencer on Feb 1, 2021
Dear Bvba,
Teamviewer itself will show the ID and password when it's ready.
Is the internet connection well?
What's APP:+86 18750906153
by Jesus Raimundi on Jan 14, 2021
Do you offer a service to update the software in the Engine ecu, and Adblue ecu on a 2014 Freightliner Sprinter. VIN: WDYPE8DC7E5862584. Let me know, thanks
Replied by spencer on Jan 14, 2021
Dear Jesus,
Sorry, we are unable to offer service of software update as you request.
by Tim on Oct 22, 2020
I have a couple Benz 2008 s63, 2012 s550 and 2016 s600 maybach. Which star tool do I need to have for my cars that is at a reasonable price. I like having the ability to Do diagnosis on my on cars. How long will it take to get Florida 33812.

Tim b
Replied by Jane on Oct 23, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your reply, for your car models, you can choose sd c4 doip plus set for diagnosis. But for functions of programming, need to do scn coding online. You will need to have original online scn coding yourself.
We usually send the package by DHL, it may take 4-6 business days to arrive.
by Hans Mross on Sep 25, 2020
Good afternoon

To whom it may concern

We’re looking to purchase another MB Star diagnostic tool within the coming weeks, to replace the units we currently have.

We just have a couple of questions because our last supplier left us in the dark and would not honor their warranty or work with us to resolve the issues in any way.

What support do you offer once we’ve purchased a tool?

What is your warranty period?

Is your warranty department easy to deal with?

Where are your star tools coming from?

Will they work on Mercedes Benz Unimog and all other commercial truck platforms?

Do your star tools come with all required cables and connectors?

What is the oldest model Mercedes Benz that the MB star tool will scan?

Can control units be programmed and updated with your MB star tool after replacement of control units or important components?

Do you have any offers if we purchase more than one unit at a time?

Are updates included in the purchase price of a unit?

Do updates need to be purchased to keep the tool functional or can we skip updates if we don’t need them for our line of work?

Replied by Jane on Sep 25, 2020
Hello dear
Thanks very much for your message, for your questions,

1. We offer software activation if you buy the tool with software. Also when you use the device with software to work, if meet any problems of the device or software, can contact us. But we do not offer any technical skills on doing cars.

2. We offer one year warranty, this means we offer free repair in one year, but not including other cost like shipping or extra cost from factory.

3. For warranty, you can contact us directly.

4. All of our tools are from China.

5. our SD C4 and SD C5 can support Mercedes Benz Unimog  and commercial trucks.

6. We offer the device with OBD cable, lan  cable, 38pin cable, 14pin cable, and 8pin cable.

7. For our software, if you choose windows 7 version, it come with HHT-WIN, can support old mercedes cars from 1989.

8. For control unit programming, it may needs online scn coding, if choose our 2020/03 software, it can support, but you need to have original online account yourself.

9. You can tell us how many and which device you want, we can check discount price for you directly.

10. For update, it is mainly for software, but if ther is new software released, need to buy new hard drive for new version software.

11. If you do not update, you can still use it to work, no problem.

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