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V12/2019 Xentry MB SD Connect Compact 4 DoIP Plus EVG7 DL46/HDD500GB/DDR2GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet

V12/2019 Xentry MB SD Connect Compact 4 DoIP Plus EVG7 DL46/HDD500GB/DDR2GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet

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V12/2019 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Plus EVG7 DL46/HDD500GB/DDR2GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet
Brand new touch screen EVG7 diagnostic tablet
Software pre-installed, can directly use when received.

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by KIZITO KALENGE on Jun 19, 2017
I have some inquirie into this product;
Does the tablet come with Vediamo ?
Can you be more specific on the software installed already?
Replied by spencer on Jun 20, 2017
Dear friend,
So sorry for the late reply.
It doesn't come with Vediamo.
Besides, we don't have database of vediamo for MB SD C4.
software includes: (Version: 2017 )
1.D-A-S / Xentry 2017.5  : the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System ,Concise interface and straightforward operation with IB M high-quality computer can realize the quick and accurate code reading and the whole car system testing
2.W-I-S net 2017.01: Workshop Information System Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car,component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail. 2017.01: Electronic Parts Catalog
4.ST Finder: Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016
5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL71: 2016 Mercedes software with PL70
Any further questions, please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
by Mr.Remy A Larsen on Mar 13, 2017
It is possible to get new software update to this when a new version is available?
Replied by spencer on Mar 14, 2017
Dear friend,
Good day!
Sorry, no.
When a newer software been released, if you need it, you need to puchase it.
Our software cannot be updated online.
Best regards,
by mbAlan on Jan 10, 2017
Does the EVG7 accept the D630 hard drive so that I can purchase this package with V2016.12 and also purchase the V2012.11 hard drive for offline programming? Or does the EVG7 take a different hard drive configuration? Thank you
Replied by spencer on Jan 11, 2017
Dear friend,
I have checked it with our engineer.
He says that they have tested V2012.11 software on EVG7 tablet, the result of it was bad.
So it's better to use the V2012.11 software on D630 laptop
Best regards,
by Bernd on Jan 1, 2017
don't wanna a second hand laptop, this tablet is brand new, quite portable
Replied by spencer on Jan 1, 2017
Dear friend,
Good day!
Thank you for your support.
Any questions in future, pls feel free to contact us,
Happy New Year!
Yours sincerely,
by Mr.Pichit sawasdee on Nov 20, 2016
Has waranty yes / no?
Can online?
Has updated ?
thank you. Thailand Pattaya City.
Replied by spencer on Nov 20, 2016
Dear friend,
Main unit has one year warranty , software  has half year warranty.
Sorry, I am not quite understand what you mean of " Can online and Has updated", could you be specified?
If you're asking whether it can be updated online, the answer is no. But when there's a newer software released, you just need to purchase it, the latest software is compatible with the multiplexer.
Best regards,
by Roger on Nov 6, 2016
when will it ba in stock?
Replied by spencer on Nov 6, 2016
Dear friend,
  Good Day!
The ETA for it is at the end of this month
Any questions in future,pls feel free to contact us,
Best regards,
by Nelson on Oct 29, 2016
O Egv7 de 4 GB tem para envio com o C4
Replied by spencer on Oct 30, 2016
Dear friend,
This package offer includes :
1pc x EVG7 DL46
1pc x MB SD C4 Multiplexer
1pc x Hard Disk (2016.9)
1pc x Li-Ion Battery
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x User's Manual
1pc x USB memory card for drivers
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x 38PIN Cable
1pc x 14PIN Cable
1pc x 8PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable
Best regards,
by D.... Franck on Oct 15, 2016
I've just order you a package.
There is no option for the color of the EVG7. (Like it in black).
Do you have an option to "pass by" the french's import fee? (Like waranty return on the package)

Anyway, I send you an email.

I look forward to you this great package and your answer.

Thank you from France ( Merci ;-))

Best regards
Replied by spencer on Oct 16, 2016
Hi,dear friend,
We will send it in black as your requirement.
We can send it via YANWEN, you don't need to pay impot fee, but it will take 7-15 business days for delivery.
FYI, YANWEN carrier cannot ship battery so we will take the battery out and send it via post.
Best regards,
by Mr.Rodrigo Carrasco on Oct 11, 2016
Dear Sr I need two unit for Star Diagnosis with EVG7 for sending to Santiago / Chile ,
you made one invoice under value m greets Rodrigo Carrasco
Replied by spencer on Oct 14, 2016
Hi,dear friend,
We can make an invoice under value as you required.
Best regards,
by Mr.Santiago on Sep 22, 2016
really fast shipping, didn't expect it arrive so soon, hope it works well
Replied by spencer on Sep 22, 2016
Dear Santiago,
Thank you for your order on our web.
If you have any questions, free to contact us.
Best regards,
by Mr.DENIS ZIMBA on Aug 4, 2016
Replied by spencer on Sep 21, 2016
Dear Denis,
I have sent an email to you. pls have a check.
Best regards,
by Mr.Raphael piazza on Jul 4, 2016
Thank you for your assistance but one more question if you don't mind I read a article that the xentry has a option and its In Xentry, motor electronic, adaptations, enable start of engine after crash reset.

And once this is programmed into my ecu my car should start ? My question is is there a option like this available in xentry ?
Replied by Jolly on Jul 4, 2016
If these function options are under the Xentry Developer Mode, yes, our software comes with Dev. Mode, but you need to test yourself. 
Best regards.
by Mr.Raphael Piazza on Jul 1, 2016
Hi how are you I have a few questions about this product I just recently bought a e350 and it was in a accident I am trying to find out why it won't start and which fuses and wires I need to fix this issue also would be need to reprogram the computer ecu and air bag modules can all this be done with this unit if so I would like to order one but if not and I won't be able to reprogram my air bags modules and computer I will need another product thank you for your time and I would greatly appreciate and response ,)
Replied by Juliana on Jul 3, 2016
Hi,dear friend

Engineer ask you whether you are professional technical in BENZ car repair? Our device can help you find out trouble codes and erase trouble codes, can use to program ecu or other control unit, but not able to do all the work you need do for benz car repair, it needs professional technical know what tools they need.
Best regards!
by Mr.antonis kefalas on May 28, 2016
hi!im from cyprus and interest to buy
V2016.5 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Plus EVG7 DL46/HDD500GB/DDR2GB Diagnostic Controller Tablet
i want to have and scn you support it?thank you!
Replied by Juliana on May 29, 2016
Hi,dear friend

It support online scn coding, but you need have account, or you can buy one time service from us:
Best regards!
by Mr.Dominic Jr. on Apr 22, 2016
Is the main screen (desktop) are the icons fix or can you move them around? What are the specs for the tablet?
Replied by Jolly on Apr 22, 2016
Hi,dear friend

hello my friend:
on the screen, we fit the DAS and xenty software, it the touching screen, and you can use this computer connect the machine diagnotic the car directly! 
by Mr.ray maltas on Mar 28, 2016
Hi is the EVG7 new? so new disk drive etc.

Also can you tell me does the Xentry DAS EPC software run under VM as a virtual machine or is it actually installed under the operating system ? What operating system is installed on teh EVG7.

I ask as my understanding is that EPC WIS Xentry only support XP.

Thank you for your kind help as I want to purchase.
Replied by Juliana on Mar 29, 2016
Hi,dear friend

Yes, EVG7 is new. It use internal hard disk, so not run under VM, virtual machine is too slow, operation now is WIN7.
XENTRY EPC WIS not only support XP, also support WIN7 and WIN8.
by Mr.Damien De Blaireville on Mar 21, 2016
Bonjour j'aimerais savoir si ce modèle peux faire du diagnostique sur des mercedes avant 2000? De 1989 à 2000?? Est t'il possible d'avoir la tablette avec un Windows en français merci d'avance et salutation
Replied by Jolly on Mar 21, 2016
Dear friend,
Yes it can support  mercedes before 2000 and we have the  tablet with Windows in French. 
Have any questions, free totext us. 
by Mr.Marc on Mar 11, 2016
this tool have developer mode? and is posible in future be updated?
Replied by Jolly on Mar 11, 2016
Dear friend, 
That is the latest version. 
If you want the update one in the future. you need to by a new hdd. 
Have any question, free to text us. 
by Mr.avni berisha on Feb 20, 2016

fragen fur das diagnose konich kaufen fur region kosovo und konich mi das diagnose scn codirung


Replied by Jolly on Feb 21, 2016
Hi Sir, 
Sorry for the late reply, did you mean you want to buy SCN CODING. 
Waiting for you reply, 
by nawaz on Nov 4, 2015
What's the software version?Thank you.
Replied by Jolly on Nov 4, 2015


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