Star diagnosis SD Connect C4 another review from UK

Hello this is William Wirth from United Kingdom,last year on Noveer bought one pc SD Connect C4 whole kit from the website via Bank Transfer ,Work fine until now

Here is my experience:

I would like to share some of my tests with all.

When i bought SD Connect C4 bundle, the vendor told me the newly added cars. And these must be focused on first, you know.

I have used Star c3 for years, so it’s very easy for me to use Xentry/DAS. Moreover, in the package, Panasonic tab was included with pre-installed software, so just used it directly.

Come to my tests…
2013? W204
Read/clear clear trouble codes of SBS airbag…ok
Fixed ESP and tire pressure light problem

2014’ W207
Online SCN coding…ok

2010’ W212
Reset SBC service light…ok
Dev mode…ok:
Set turning lamps to PRESENT
enable tank content remaining (gallons left)
enable flashing brake lights on emergency braking
enable date in the cluster

Change km on E200 CDI…ok
Solved lack of power on a CDI…ok

2014 GLK 250
Solved check engine light by scn coding of SCR module ….ok

2012’ CLK430
Solved poor acceleration on CLK430…ok
Solve stuck in Low gear

2000’ w210 2006’E240
Solved transmission limp mode error…ok
W210 E240 crankshaft damper

2002 CLK 430 Coupe
Solved Air Con A/C Problem- Error Codes Eb1227 Eb1416 on 2002 CLK 430 Coupe….ok

1997 E320
Fixed 1997 E320 refuses to shift…ok
read the transmission codes and clear it

Codierung ohne TAN-Codes auf SMART

2009’ W209
enabled cornering lights on W209

Also, Smart TAN Code opened special functions in DAS program with Smart cars 405/ 451/452/ 454 (i haven’t tested this). Besides, star C5 also opened more special functions, such as engineer mode, remove limitations,etc,(Star C3 and Star C4 do not have)
Overall – a nice purchase from China. I can highly recommend buying from this vendor since everything was as advertised, plus you have fast response on emails if you have issues or questions.

and here is the link for SD C4: