SD Connect C5 and Dell D630 full kit review

I got my STAR tool from here:
The SD Connect C4 I ordered was on back order so I got the C5 instead.

Kit came with all the cables, laptop, C5 and worked from day 1. Everything is installed on the laptop and no other set up is required.

The Xentry software is too new (2016) for my father's W210 but I was able to scan some items.

Works very well on my W211, I do use the wireless function all the time and its very convenient.

I have cleared most fault codes. Only one code remains which is still baffling me (9370 comms. to the heater booster R22/3). I am not sure why it does not clear as petrol W211's do not have this fitted from factory. 

What I have done so far:
- Added the fuel tank capacity in the instrument cluster
- Changed the Distronic measurement from yards to meters (instrument cluster)
- Enabled the seatbelt reminder (one of the previous owner's disabled this)
- Normalised the driver's seat so my easy entry works properly again
- Lock/unlock bleeps (Netherlands, longer bleeps)
- VMAX limit raised to 300KPH, have not tested this
- Enabled the 'MAX COOL' display in the climate control unit
- Enabled adaptive braking (flashing brake lights and automatic hazards under an emergency braking situation). I have yet to test this out

I did not look into lowering via star as I run a lowering control module anyway.