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How to active V2015.9 BENZ Software?

1. For DAS code, please double click the "get hardware id" exe, and it will give you a long code, please send that to me, your version is 2015.9, i will ask engineer calculate license file for you. After i give you license file, you just double click to run it, then das being activated.
2. There is a EPC-NET explorer on the desktop, input user name: admin, password: 12345 to enter it, then go to server, then go to "edit authorization code", then it will give you a LAN ID, please send the LAN ID to me for calculate EPC and WIS Code.
3. On the desktop, has a program called "star untilities", please enter it, and go to "star key manager", then choose xentry and it will give you a hw-id and app code, please send me both of it, then i calculate xentry key for you, and you input into it, click save, then xentry being activated.